Educational Links Website

The website has been developed by the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers and CCOHS, with a section entitled “Physician’s Toolkit” as a placeholder for clinically relevant resources.  Through joint work with OEMAC, OMSOC and CFPC, some resources have been added to this toolkit, and there may be future work to expand on this to add value for members and to support occupational medicine work in clinical settings.

Institute for Work & Health

The findings of a study led by IWH Scientist Dr. Agnieszka Kosny  on “The role of health-care providers in the workers’ compensation system and the return-to-work process.” The report is available for download from the website, the first report listed here:

The study involved talking to health-care providers in Ontario, B.C., Manitoba, and Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as workers’ compensation case managers in B.C. and Manitoba. In short, the study found that most health-care providers do not have problems with the workers’ compensation system or the return-to-work process then they treat patients with visible, acute physical injuries supported by clear evidence. However, they do face challenges with workers’ compensation and return to work when they are treating patients with multiple injuries, gradual-onset or complex illnesses, chronic pain and mental health conditions. The report lays out its findings in terms of role confusion and six challenges, and offers recommendations to address them.

The Lung Association – Ontario Resources

  1. Printed lung health literature and booklets can be mailed out for free in Ontario, or are downloadable for printing. These are excellent resources for physician offices, respiratory clinics, occupational health departments, community health centres and family health team practices.   For more information, follow this link:
  2. A worker and student web program that is accessible in English and French, for phones, tablets and computers, to learn about work-related asthma, found here:

Executive MBA in Occupational Health and Safety Leadership – University of Fredericton

UFred’s online Executive MBA with a focus in Occupational Health & Safety Leadership is designed for advanced-career professionals and managers of OHS units who aspire to lead their businesses towards much higher performance. Its core focus is on leadership techniques, especially collaborative leadership in the complex context of multiple stakeholders and multiple objectives; then it augments this core focus with a series of specialty track courses focused exclusively on the needs of OHS leaders. For more information, follow this link:

Foundation Course In Occupational Medicine

The Foundation Course in Occupational Medicine, developed by the University of Alberta – Division of Preventive Medicine, is a distance learning course designed to provide knowledge and skills in the areas of occupational medicine encountered in family medicine and other community based clinical practice. For more information, follow this link: 

Additional Skills in Occupational Medicine – University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is extending its training in occupational medicine to physicians in a variety of settings to include an enhanced skills program for family medicine physicians wishing to make occupational medicine a focus of their practice. For more information, follow this link:

OEMAC - Occupational and Environmental Medical Association of Canada