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OEMAC is an active association of physicians with an interest in occupational and environmental medicine. It serves as a unified voice for Canadian occupational and environmental medicine and holds a scientific conference each year to exchange scientific and professional information.

This website has been designed to help members and non-members alike learn more about our organization, keep abreast of the latest news and breakthroughs in occupational and environmental medicine, and match job seekers with positions in their area. So please feel free to browse around. We hope that the information here will meet your needs.

If you do have any questions about the website or OEMAC itself, please feel free to contact us at info@oemac.org or by telephone at (888) 223-3808.


OEMAC unreservedly opposes all forms of systemic racism, unconscious bias and discrimination. The OEMAC board will therefore ensure any current or historical racism or discrimination are eliminated from all of its internal and external activities. The OEMAC Board and its members are committed to ensuring diversity, inclusivity and fairness in all of its internal operations, and striving to have these same fundamental values recognized and incorporated as an essential component of a healthy workplace anywhere in Canada.

– Approved By; OEMAC Board


L’Association canadienne de la médecine du travail et de l’environnement (ACMTE) s’oppose sans réserve à toutes les formes de racisme systémique, de préjugés inconscients et de discrimination. Le Conseil d’administration de l’ACMTE veillera donc à ce que toute situation actuelle ou historique de racisme ou de discrimination soit éliminée de ses activités internes et externes. Le Conseil d’administration de l’ACMTE et ses membres s’engagent à assurer la diversité, l’inclusivité et l’équité dans toutes ses activités internes, et à rechercher les mêmes valeurs fondamentales qui sont reconnues et intégrées comme des éléments essentiels d’un milieu de travail sain partout au Canada.

– Approuvé par : le Conseil d’administration de l’ACMTE

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