Meritorious Service Award

What is the Meritorious Service Award?

The Meritorious Service Award is OEMAC’s official recognition of individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the growth and development of occupational and environmental medicine. Fields include contributions to OHS legislation, worker health and safety, research, education and professional bodies. The award is presented in the form of individual plaques which are presented at the banquet held at each annual OEMAC conference. The Committee members consider every nomination received on the basis of whether or not the individual nominated has been shown by the nominator to have made a significant contribution above and beyond professional duties. A single outstanding contribution to occupational and environmental medicine could be the basis of a nomination or continuous contributions over a career.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone – Nominees need not be nor have been OEMAC members or even physicians (but the contribution must have been to occupational and environmental medicine). All completed nominations must be received by the Committee by the announced deadline for consideration for presentation at the OEMAC national conference that same year. Nominations received after that deadline are retained for consideration the following year.

Who can nominate someone for the award?

Any current OEMAC member may nominate one or any number of individuals.

How many awards are made per year?

There is no minimum or maximum number. There may be no awards in a given year or there may be several.

Can an individual be nominated more than once?

Yes. There are no limits on the number of times an individual’s name may be re-submitted. However, an award will only be made to an individual once.

How do I go about nominating someone? What information do I need to provide?

Return the completed nomination form provided here to the OEMAC Secretariat by the deadline. The form requires you to provide information about the nominee and the contribution(s) he or she has made that you feel merit reception of the MSA. To avoid disappointment to the nominee, please keep nominations confidential.

Guidelines and Nominations

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