OEMAC is the leading Canadian organization of physicians providing medical expertise that promotes optimal health and safety of people at work and in the community.

OEMAC provides leadership that promotes optimal health and safety of people at work and in the community by:

  • Providing leadership in educating healthcare professionals
  • Stimulating research and knowledge
  • Enhancing the quality of Occupational and Environmental Medicine practice
  • Contributing to workplace health, influencing public policy and advancing the field of Occupational and Environmental Medicine practice.

What is Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM)?

Occupational and environmental medicine is a medical specialty that is focused on the prevention and management of occupational and environmental injury, illness and disability, and the promotion of health and productivity of workers, their families, and communities. OEM physicians are uniquely qualified to manage worker’s physical, social and mental wellbeing in the workplace. They provide medical expertise that helps organizations optimize human capital performance and improve productivity in the workplace.

Vision Statement

Healthy workers in safe workplaces in Canada

Mission Statement

As a leader in Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Canada, OEMAC advances its discipline by providing a forum for collaboration, education and support for its members.

Goals and Objectives

Goals include providing a content rich website; advocacy on specific topics of importance to OEM physicians; providing quality continuing education opportunities for the spectrum of physicians practicing OEM; regular communications with members; promotion of OEM professionals and recognition of members for contributions to the field. Detailed objectives to meet these goals are posted on the website.

OEMAC - Occupational and Environmental Medical Association of Canada