The Mastromatteo Oration


The enclosed criteria describe the nomination review and selection processes for the Mastromatteo Oration. The Oration is held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the Occupational Medical Association of Canada (OMAC). The Oration may or may not be offered on an annual basis.


The Mastromatteo Oration is an honour conferred on an individual who has made a sustained and significant contribution to Occupational Health in Canada. The first oration was presented by Dr. Ernest Mastromatteo, a distinguished physician, who has made numerous contributions to the evolution of Occupational Health. Because of the impact of Dr. Mastromatteo’s influence on Occupational Health both in Canada and beyond, the Oration carries his name.

Nomination Criteria

Any individual who has made a significant, sustained contribution to some area of Occupational Health is eligible for nomination. Nominations are not restricted to physicians; they may include those from any of the disciplines covered under the board description of Occupational Health: Occupational Health Nursing, Occupational Hygiene, Human Factors or Ergonomics, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Medical and Health Issue for example.

Nomination Process

A member of the OMAC Board of Directors may recommend an individual for the Oration by completing a nomination form. The form is forwarded to the Executive Committee for a decision. Nominations must be forwarded to the Executive Committee at least 4 months prior to the Annual Meeting. Nominators will be advised of the Executive Committee’s decision 3 months prior to the annual meeting. Nominators are asked NOT to advise nominees of their nomination. Any nomination which is not selected will be carried forward for consideration in the subsequent year, up to a maximum of three years. Thereafter, the nomination must be resubmitted.

Role of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has the responsibility for choosing an appropriate individual, if applicable, within a calendar year. The Committee will invite that individual to the meeting, arrange for an honorarium and funds to cover expenses. The Executive Committee will forward the name of the successful individual to the appropriate Planning Committee at least four months in advance of the Annual Meeting. Announcement: The announcement of the choice of the Mastromatteo Orator will be made public at the Annual Meeting.

Mastromatteo Oration

2022 Dr. Ray Copes
2021 No recipient
2020 No recipient
2019 No recipient
2018 No recipient
2017 Joan Saary
2016 Hamilton Hall
2015 Susan Tarlo
2014 A. Robert Schnatter
2013 Louis Patry
2012 Jeremy Beach
2011 Oscar Howell
2010 Ciaran O’Shea
2009 David Cassidy
2008 Tee Guidotti
2007 Jean Luc Malo
2006 Nortin Hadler
2005 Ian M. F. Arnold
2004 Nicola Cherry
2003 Patrick A. Loisel
2002 D. Linn Holness
2001 J. Donald Johnston
2000 Gilles Thériault
1999 Walter F. Prendergast
1998 Peter Pelmear
1997 Terrence Anderson
1996 Rodney May
1995 C.F. Muir
1994 Edward S. Gibson
1993 John L. Weeks
1992 J.A. David Brunet
1991 Ernest Mastromatteo

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