Pandemic Planning


OEMAC is pleased to offer the following  Occupational Health Physician Pandemic Planning Resource Kit.

A – Introduction

B – Medical Imperative

C – Business Continuity

D – Legal Considerations

E – Additional Resources

The development of these pandemic resources was made possible by significant contributions of an advisory board including the following individuals:

  • Dr John Quinn
  • Dr Don Low
  • Dr Alan West
  • Dr Alain Sotto
  • June Hylands (OEMAC)
  • Gayle Mitcham (Marsh)
  • Dr Jack Richman
  • Dr Robert Bourgault
  • Dr Thomas Keogh
  • Dr David Satok
  • Dr John Millman
  • Dr Matthew Burnstein
  • Dr Doug Morrison
  • Dr Marnie Fothergill
  • Dr Kenneth Armstrong
  • Dr Neil Sutton
  • Dr Allan Holmes

OEMAC gratefully acknowledges Roche for their support in developing the Resource Kit.


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